Gumroad vs APlus Download

Find out which key features make Gumroad different from APlus Download when it comes to selling digital products. Evaluate and compare them to pick the best platform for you.

APlus Download

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Compare Gumroad with SellMyForms and APlus Download to choose the best place to start!

This chart represents a partial list of features available in SMF and [Competitor].
Publishing fees
Online selling
Product’s web page
Payment collection via Stripe
Powerful PDF editor
Optimization for search engines
APlus Download
This chart represents a partial list of features available in SMF and [Competitor].
Gumroad review illustration

SellMyForms is for everyone: rookie or pro

Comparing to APlus Download and Gumroad, SellMyForms is a completely new place to sell digital goods on. However, it poses the simplicity and security as its key features. Even the best-known online selling websites can leave you disappointed because they sometimes lead you to pay in advance for extra features. SellMyForms is free for sellers, which makes it an affordable solution for beginners.

Key features
Unlimited product listing
Built-in document creator and editor
Self-hosted online forms
Secure payments via Stripe
Top-notch security & compliance


SellMyForms is a perfect solution for both beginners and professionals. It offers a lot of opportunities that make the platform one of the best solutions among digital selling websites available today, and a strong rival to Gumroad and APlus Download.

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