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This chart represents a partial list of features available in SMF and [Competitor].
Publishing fees
Online selling
Product’s web page
Payment collection via Stripe
Powerful PDF editor
Optimization for search engines
Free or Paid
Only for paid
Starting $19/month
This chart represents a partial list of features available in SMF and [Competitor].
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SellMyForms is for everyone

This platform is designed for those who've just got started selling online and look for a platform with no publishing fees. If you know how to create templates that make work easier, SellMyForms is the perfect online solution for you. Publish surveys, agreements, forms, tutorials and other useful samples online and get instant payments supported by Stripe. You get a free landing page for your item to promote it on your social media and more additional tools to help with your business needs. Everything is completely free.

Key features
No fees for sellers
No storage limits
A unique web-page for each product
Search engine optimization included


If you are looking for a free platform to list simple templates at reasonable prices, go for SellMyForms. The website combines high-tier features with lack of publishing fees and any paid options for sellers.

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