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What is animal production in agriculture?

Department of Animal Production. Animal Science is a branch of Agriculture that is concerned with rearing and production of livestock and poultry. Animal Production is the technology applied to the keeping of animals for profit. This includes; feeding, breeding, housing and marketing.

What is a contract farming agreement?

A contract farming agreement for the provision of services under which the landowner or tenant (Farmer) provides land, buildings and other fixed equipment and engages another farmer (Contractor) to provide labour and machinery in return for a guaranteed fixed yearly payment per hectare and a bonus payment from net .

How does contract farming work?

Contract farming can be defined as agricultural production carried out according to an agreement between a buyer and farmers, which establishes conditions for the production and marketing of a farm product or products. Typically, the farmer agrees to provide agreed quantities of a specific agricultural product.

What are the examples of livestock farming?

Livestock, farm animals, with the exception of poultry. In Western countries the category encompasses primarily cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, horses, donkeys, and mules; other animals, such as buffalo, oxen, llamas, or camels, may predominate in the agriculture of other areas.

Did you know

British Society of Animal Science (BSAS) is a learned society in the field of animal science, established in 1944 as the British Society of Animal Production. Mike Steele is the Chief Executive, and the President is Sinclair Mayne. Geoff Simm was the president in 2007 and 2008.
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