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SellMyForms creates SEO friendly landing pages for your forms. Once a landing page has been published, you'll get a shareable link that you can embed on your website, post on social media or on other platforms.

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What is a change in control agreement?

A change in control agreement provides incentives to an executive to continue his or her employment. Such an agreement recognizes the distraction that an acquisition by another company or other change in control poses to an executive, and seeks to motivate the executive not to seek alternative employment opportunities.

What is a change in control?

A change of control may imply the sale or acquisition of the whole, or a substantially complete part, of all the assets of an entity due to a complete merger, demerger, restructuring, acquisitions transacted between any individuals and/or corporate entities, or any change in the ownership of more than 50 percent of the .

What is a change in control severance agreement?

Many plans pay out significant compensation upon a change in control. Payments typically are triggered by either a change in control alone (a single trigger), or a severance or “constructive termination” (good reason termination) after the change in control (a double trigger).

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