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How can I create a Building Construction Investor Rights Agreement to sell online?

You can create a Building Construction Investor Rights Agreement by uploading your form to SellMyforms and then editing it using the PDF editor.

Is there a set price that I can charge for my forms?

No. You can charge any price for your forms.

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Yes, you can delete your account anytime.

Can you copyright a building design?

A building design is “created” when it is first tangibly fixed in any medium, including a drawing, design, model or constructed building. An architectural copyright is different from a copyright in an architectural blueprint. Blueprints are separately copyrightable as pictorial, graphic and sculptural works.

Are architects drawings copyright?

Both the 1956 and 1988 Copyright Acts consider architectural drawings to be artistic works, and they are therefore given copyright protection as with other artistic works. Until then, architectural sketches, maps, charts and plans were regarded as literary works under the 1911 Copyright Act.

Is it illegal to copy house plans?

It Is Illegal To Copy Designs Or Floor Plans From Any Source For Any Reason. It is illegal to copy home designs found in a house plan book, magazine, brochure, CD-ROM or on the Internet. It is a common misunderstanding that making changes to or redrawing a plan found in a plan book is permissible. It is not.

Can I use someone else's house plans?

This means that you cannot copy them or take them to another person (builder or architect) and ask them to draw up a new version of those plans, unless the copyright owner gives you the right to do so.

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