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How can I create a Building Construction License Agreement to sell online?

You can create a Building Construction License Agreement by uploading your form to SellMyforms and then editing it using the PDF editor.

Can I be notified when a document I hold the copyright for is posted on SellMyForms?

According to our Privacy Policy, users cannot sell documents they don’t hold the copyright for on SellMyForms.

What do I need in order to start earning with SellMyForms?

To start earning money using SellMyForms, you need to have a SellMyForms account, Stripe account and digital forms that you’d like to upload to SellMyForms and monetize.

What is needed for a contractor's license?

This includes construction, alterations, and improvements on residential, commercial, and public works projects. You must complete a 12-hour education course approved by the board and pass a test, and you must show proof of insurance. To obtain building permits, your business must hold a Dwelling Contractor license.

Do general contractors have to be licensed?

Instead, general contractors receive licensure on the city or county level. Some specialty workers, like electricians and plumbers, do need a state-level license. Contractors must obtain a business license, but not every pro needs a contractor's license. Always check local regulations.

What states don't require a contractor's license?

Florida, Louisiana, Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wyoming don't require a specific state license for contractors. Before starting a project, though, check local ordinances to see what licenses you need from your city or county.

What is an access agreement real estate?

An access agreement allowing a property owner to temporarily access an adjacent owner's property and to use the adjacent property for the benefit of its own property.

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