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What is a crop share agreement?

Crop Share Agreements. Under a crop share agreement, the landlord and tenant agree that rent will be paid in the form of a percentage of income derived from the subject property. For example, parties may agree that the land owner will receive 25% of the income from the land as rent payment.

How does a contract farming agreement work?

Contract farming. Contract farming is a joint venture whereby the farmer provides land and buildings and the contractor provides labour, machinery and power. Any surplus margin as calculated in accordance with the agreement is then divided between the two parties.

What is an allocation well?

Allocation Wells. The term “allocation well” is used in the oil and gas industry to refer to a horizontal well that is drilled across lease lines without pooling the tracts on which the well is located.

Did you know

The British Crop Production Council (BCPC) is an organisation that promotes the use of good science and technology in the understanding and application of effective and sustainable crop production. BCPC is a Registered Charity and a Company limited by Guarantee.
In Ireland, the Great Famine was a period of mass starvation, disease and emigration between 1845 and 1852. It is also known, mostly outside Ireland, as the Irish Potato Famine. In the Irish language it is called an Gorta Mór (meaning "the Great Hunger") or an Drochshaol (meaning "the bad times"). During the famine approximately 1 million people died and a million more emigrated from Ireland, causing the island's population to fall by between 20% and 25%.
A contract is an agreement entered into voluntarily by two parties or more with the intention of creating a legal obligation, which may have elements in writing, though contracts can be made orally. The remedy for breach of contract can be "damages" or compensation of money. In equity, the remedy can be specific performance of the contract or an injunction.

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