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Are farm bankruptcies increasing?

Court data compiled by the American Farm Bureau Federation, a trade group, found that chapter 12 filings nationwide actually fell by about 1 percent in 2018, and that the 2018 level was below the 10-year average. "Bankruptcies are not at record levels," John Newton, the Farm Bureau's chief economist, told PolitiFact.

How many farmers filed bankruptcy in 2018?

In 2018, there were 474 new Chapter 12 filings, up from 458 in 2017 and up materially from 317 in 2014, according to filings from PACER. “Already this year, the upward trend is continuing, with 110 filed through March 22 compared with 100 in the same period a year earlier,” Sadovi told

Are bankruptcies on the rise?

Bankruptcy filings are on the rise as Americans pile up more debt. The latest ABI data pegs household debt near $14 trillion, which is $1 trillion more than the 2008 Great Recession peak. According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, U.S. bankruptcy filings in July 2019 were up 3% from the same time a year ago.

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