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You can create a Gas Extraction Severance Agreement by uploading your form to SellMyforms and then editing it using the PDF editor.

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What is a severance tax on natural gas?

Severance tax is a state tax imposed on the extraction of non-renewable natural resources that are intended for consumption in other states. These natural resources include such as crude oil, condensate and natural gas, coalbed methane, timber, uranium, and carbon dioxide.

What is severance tax on royalties?

Severance taxes are taxes imposed on the removal of natural resources within a taxing jurisdiction. Severance taxes are most commonly imposed in oil producing states within the United States. Resources that typically incur severance taxes when extracted include oil, natural gas, coal, uranium, and timber.

What is the severance tax in Pennsylvania?

Together, the impact fee and severance tax would put Pennsylvania's natural gas extraction taxes roughly on a par with other major gas-drilling states, with a lifetime effective tax rate of 4%.

Are severance taxes deductible?

Severance taxes and processing or marketing fees can be deducted on Schedule E. If you itemize deductions, you might be able to deduct your state income taxes on Schedule A, but be sure you don't treat state income taxes the same as severance taxes. Have your gross and net royalty income (after deductions) handy.

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