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You can create a Horticulture Employment Contract by uploading your form to SellMyforms and then editing it using the PDF editor.

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SellMyForms takes document security very seriously and meets all international security standards. All documents that you upload to SellMyForms are HIPAA compliant and are protected with two-factor authentication.

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What jobs can you do with a horticulture degree?

A horticulture degree can lead to careers in plant breeding, genetic engineering, landscape design, farming, floral design, research, nursery production, education, food science, landscape construction and management, pest control, marketing — the list goes on.

Can you start a new job while on gardening leave?

Your current employer can occasionally ask you to come into work while you're on garden leave. This means you shouldn't start another job in your notice period unless your existing employer agrees.

Why is gardening leave called gardening leave?

The leave is called gardening leave because that's all the employee can do: they can't come in to work and they can't work for anyone else. All they can do is work in or sit in their garden.

What is garden leave in employment law?

Garden leave describes the practice whereby an employee leaving a job – having resigned or otherwise had their employment terminated – is instructed to stay away from work during the notice period, while still remaining on the payroll.

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