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How can I create a Horticulture Non-Compete Agreement to sell online?

You can create a Horticulture Non-Compete Agreement by uploading your form to SellMyforms and then editing it using the PDF editor.

How do I protect my forms from unauthorized access?

You can secure the authenticity of your document by setting a password to your form and with a unique document ID.

Are there any penalties if I upload documents that I don’t own the copyright for or have consent from the copyright holder?

If you’re caught using someone else’s copyright material, you may be guilty of copyright infringement. In this case you may have to pay the owner monetary damages, and a court may prohibit you from further use of copyrighted material without the owner’s consent.

How enforceable is a non compete?

A non-compete agreement will only be enforceable if it can be shown to be supplemental to another enforceable contract. Most states recognize two such instances. States are more likely to enforce non-compete clauses in the latter case than in the instance of an employment contract.

How can I get out of a non compete agreement?

  1. Receive notice of the lawsuit against you. If you decide to ignore the non-compete agreement, your former employer may sue you.
  2. Consider hiring an attorney.
  3. File your answer to your former employer's complaint.
  4. Participate in discovery.
  5. Prepare your case.
  6. Consider mediation.

Are you bound by a non compete agreement?

A non-compete agreement is a contract between an employee and an employer in which the employee agrees not to enter into competition with the employer during or after employment. These legal contracts prevent employees from entering into markets or professions considered to be in direct competition with the employer.

How long is a non compete agreement?

A noncompete agreement can't last forever. To be enforceable in most states, the agreement must be reasonable in duration. The amount of time considered to be "reasonable" depends on the state. In general though, noncompete agreements that last longer than two or three years might not be enforced by a court.

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