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How can I create a Horticulture Trademark License Agreement to sell online?

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You can upload one form at a time. Form sizes shouldn’t exceed 25 mb and must be less than 100 pages.

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What is a trademark license agreement?

A trademark license (which is different than a trademark assignment) is basically an agreement in which a trademark owner (the “licensor”) permits someone else (“the “licensee”) to use the licensor's trademark in connection with specific products or services.

Can you license an unregistered trademark?

Unregistered trademarks still provide some degree of protection under state law. However, a mark does not always need to be registered in order to qualify as a trademark. An unregistered trademark is a mark that has not been registered at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (or at any of the state trademark offices).

How much does it cost to license a trademark?

You may be able to obtain state trademark registration for $100–$200. Federal trademark registration extends your protection nationwide and offers other important advantages, but it typically costs more: $275–$375 for each class of goods and services that you want to protect.

What is licensing a product?

Licensing involves obtaining permission from a company (licensor) to manufacture and sell one or more of its products within a defined market area. The company that obtains these rights (the licensee) usually agrees to pay a royalty fee to the original owner.

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