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What is a plan of dissolution?

In that process, the corporation notifies creditors of the impending cessation of business and does all acts “appropriate to liquidate its business,” such as collecting and selling assets, discharging liabilities, and distributing any remaining assets to shareholders.[6] The corporation may, but is rarely required to, .

What is a dissolution clause?

Purpose of a Dissolution Clause Dissolution clauses set out the details of how the organization plans to dissolve or terminate should that become necessary. For example, an organization that owns assets may have trouble determining what to do with those assets if the organization does not have a dissolution clause.

How do you dissolve a nonprofit organization?

  1. Vote for Dissolution. 501(c)(3) dissolution involves having your nonprofit organization officially vote for dissolution of the corporation.
  2. File Form 990.
  3. File the Paperwork.
  4. Check with the Attorney General.

How do I dissolve a nonprofit in South Carolina?

To dissolve a South Carolina corporation, file Articles of Dissolution with the South Carolina Secretary of State, Division of Business Filings (SOS). Submit the form in duplicate, with a self-addressed stamped envelope, so the SOS can return a copy to you.

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