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What is a bank subordination agreement?

A subordination is a process where the second lender asks the first lender if they will “let go” of a particular class of collateral. The most common subordination agreements take place with accounts receivable and inventory. These are current assets that can be used to secure a working capital line of credit.

What is a subordination in real estate?

Updated Feb 28, 2018. A subordination clause is a clause in an agreement which states that the current claim on any debts will take priority over any other claims formed in other agreements made in the future. Subordination is the act of yielding priority.

Does a subordination agreement need to be recorded?

The original subordination agreements must be properly executed and recorded in the applicable land records. Copies of the recorded agreements should be kept in the HECM file.

What does subordination of mortgage mean?

A Subordination of Mortgage is a document signed when there are two mortgages on a property and one (the first one) is subordinated to the other (the second one).

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