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How do I file a claim with AKC pet insurance?

Pay your veterinarian as normal and remember to get your itemized invoice. Complete the claim form with all necessary information. ... Submit your completed claim form and all relevant invoices to us via email, postal mail, fax or through your customer portal.

What does AKC insurance cover?

AKC Pet Insurance provides 30 days of accident and illness insurance coverage included with AKC registration for newly registered puppies. Customizable plans allow you to add-on coverage for inherited and congenital conditions, exam fees and wellness care. Cancer coverage included in base accident and illness plan.

Does AKC Pet cover neutering?

The AKC Pet Insurance provides truly superior cruciate ligament coverage - and we see many claims for this! ... The AKC Pet Insurance DefenderPlus endorsement covers neutering or spaying procedures.

Is a dog wellness plan worth it?

Wellness plans encourage owners to be more proactive about caring for their furry loved one. It is far less expensive to prevent a problem than it is to treat it. Wellness plans work to catch conditions early, before complications develop, so treatment can be more successful and your pet has a longer, happier life.

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