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What does reciprocal insurance mean?

Reciprocal insurance exchanges are a form of insurance organization in which individuals and businesses exchange insurance contracts and spread the risks associated with those contracts among themselves. Policyholders of a reciprocal insurance exchange are referred to as subscribers.

What type of insurance is based on mutual agreements among subscribers?

How Does Reciprocal Insurance Work? If you're wondering which type of insurance is based on mutual agreements among subscribers, consider a reciprocal exchange. This form of insurance organization is owned by its policyholders and managed by an attorney-in-fact. Each member covers the risks of the other members.

What happens when a universal life policyholder pays the target premium?

What happens when a universal life policyholder pays the target premium? Paying the target premium will build cash value in the policy, and the policy will resemble whole life insurance. ... Each month, the cost of the death protection is deducted from the cash value, and the current interest rate is credited.

What is the relationship between risk and insurance quizlet?

risk is a situation tht exposues you to dange, harm , or loss. what is insursnce? insurance is the transfer of risk from one party to another in exchange for money.

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