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How do I get my Geico Insurance Card?

If you would rather speak to a customer service representative, please call (800) 861-8380. Also, more states are allowing digital ID cards as valid proof-of-coverage. Learn more about digital ID cards. If you are a GEICO policyholder and you know that you need an SR-22 or an FR-44 please call (877) 206-0215.

Does Geico send insurance cards?

Have your Insurance ID Cards emailed or mailed. Insurance ID Cards are used as proof of insurance for law enforcement when kept in your vehicle. For CT, we will automatically mail a copy of your Insurance ID Card in addition to emailing using this service.

Can you fake an insurance card?

Fake Insurance Cards Are a Type of Insurance Fraud Anyone who uses a fake insurance card is committing insurance fraud. Insurance fraud is illegal, and you will face significant fines, penalties, jail time, and other consequences.

Why does my Geico Insurance Card Say void?

No. It's likely void after 60 days which indicates these are the temporary proofs you get upon starting a policy. ... The reason these exist is because there are circumstances where someone applying for a policy is ineligible and/or to avoid the trend where some people only pay an initial premium for plate renewal.

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