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What is an indemnity form?

In its widest sense, "indemnity" means recompense for a loss or liability. ... Many indemnities are created by contract, under which the paying party promises to pay an identified loss. The trigger for payment and the amount payable depend on the contract's drafting and interpretation.

What is indemnity example?

Indemnity is commonly included as a clause in contracts in which the actions or mistakes of one party may result in the other party being liable for damages. For example: ... In doing this, the hospital indemnifies the wheelchair company, or the hospital guarantees indemnity for any losses or injuries that may occur.

Is insurance a contract of indemnity?

It includes a contract to save the promise from a loss, whether it be caused by human agency or any other event like an accident and fire. Under English law, a contract of insurance(other than lifeinsurance) is a contract of indemnity. ... For that reason also, it is not a contract of indemnity.

What is the difference between indemnity and insurance?

An insurance policy transfers a risk from one party to another in exchange for payment. It guards the insured party against any losses for the insured risk. ... If you agree to an indemnity clause, it's a good idea to investigate if there is insurance coverage available for the risks likely to be covered by the clause.

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