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How do I surrender John Hancock Life Insurance?

In order to cancel your policy, you will need a Policy Surrender Form. You may obtain the form by clicking here. Mail the forms back to John Hancock with either the original contract or the "Statement of Lost or Destroyed Policy" section completed.

How long does it take to get a check from John Hancock?

Unless electronic fund transfer information is provided below, a check will be issued and mailed using the standing mailing instructions on file with John Hancock Retirement Plan Services, as established by the Plan Trustee. Expected Delivery: \u2022 Checks: 7-10 business days \u2022 Direct Deposit: 2-3 business days.

Is John Hancock Life Insurance Good?

John Hancock Life Insurance Review and Prices The company is based in Boston. John Hancock has a strong financial rating from A.M. Best. The optional Vitality Program may provide discounts for healthy habits. Life insurance policies are fairly straightforward.

How do I change my 401k contribution to John Hancock?

Instructions for Employee If you wish to change your investments, please log onto our participant website at (in New York,, call 1-800-395-1113, or complete an investment change form and submit to your Plan Administrator.

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