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How do I claim Primerica Life Insurance?

Filing The Claim with Primerica Life Insurance Provider You can call the claims office at 1-888-893-9858 to start a new claim. If you simply need information about the claims process, email claims at

Does Primerica life insurance payout?

TermNow is only available if your life insurance policy has a death benefit between $15,000 to $300,000. Since the payout is limited, Primerica offers you the option to go through a simplified underwriting process with no medical exam.

What is a life claim form?

Claim form - Also known as a "request for benefits," this is where you fill out the information about the policyholder, including their policy number and cause of death. ... This form will be sent, along with the death certificate and policy document, back to the insurer, and they'll take it from there.

Is Primerica Life Insurance legit?

There is nothing inherently wrong with Primerica Life Insurance as a company. They are legit, they aren't scamming anyone, but they are almost never the best option for life insurance. With life insurance, there's no reason not to find the lowest possible cost for your policy.

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