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How do I request a COI?

Ask the company requesting the certificate of insurance what the coverage minimums and limits need to be. ... Call your business insurance provider. ... File any paperwork and pay any premiums required to increase coverage for the term needed. ... Request the certificate of insurance listing all coverages.

How do you read a certificate of insurance?

Make sure the business name on the form matches the vendor you thought you were hiring. Verify that the policy expiration date does not come before the completion date of your project. ... Make sure the company has general liability insurance at the very least, as well as workers' compensation insurance.

What is a certificate holder on a COI?

Certificate Holder: The "main contractor" is provided with a certificate of insurance that shows that the sub-contractor or vendor, the "Name Insured" does in fact maintain insurance and names the main contractor as the "Certificate Holder." It is just a proof of insurance.

What are COI requirements?

A COI is an important piece of paper which demonstrates to a client or prospective client that the contractor has certain insurance coverages with varying limits, which are, more often than not, required under most industry service contracts.

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