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Instruction: This is a model letter. Adapt to fit your facts and circumstances. DateVIA CERTIFIED MAIL RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED Name Address Line 1 Address Line 2 City, State Zip Code Re:NameDear
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Yes, generally the lawyer must provide a copy of the file upon request, subject to their bill being paid and copies being made. If the attorney still won't give up the file, you may then have to go to the Bar Association or the Judge for an Order to give it up. Good luck.

Alternatively, you can pick up a copy of your file in person (but contact the office first, so that it has time to locate and review the contents of your file and make a copy for you). Or, once you've hired a new lawyer, he or she can assist in getting your file.

Your attorney should not charge you a fee for copying the documents in your file. This is a valid and necessary step; the attorney will need create a duplicate set that he or she retains for record-keeping reasons.

Q: Can I ask my lawyer for a copy of the settlement check? A: Yes, and you should. ... Ask your lawyer to provide you with a copy of the actual settlement check forwarded to him or her by the insurance company, as well as a copy of all checks written by the attorney to cover costs connected with your case.

Your lawyer can also drop you as a client if you fail to pay your legal bills. However, he or she must give you reasonable warnings and opportunities to pay your bills first. Further, if you're unreasonably difficult or you refuse to cooperate during litigation, then your attorney may withdraw from the case.

First thing's first: Is poor performance a valid enough reason to sue? ... A client can sue his or her attorney for negligence, breach of fiduciary duty and for breach of contract. The following are some common grounds for which you may sue your attorney.

If your attorney refuses to give you the file, you should contact the local bar association to obtain your file.

File a complaint with your state's lawyer discipline agency. Every state has an agency responsible for licensing and disciplining lawyers. ... Getting compensated. ... Communicate. ... Get your file. ... Research. ... Get a second opinion. ... Fire your lawyer. ... Sue for malpractice.

Negligence happens when the attorney makes mistakes that other attorneys normally would not. A breach of duty also allows you to sue a lawyer. ... If the lawyer promised to do something he or she was contractually obligated to do and didn't do it, you have grounds for breach of contract.

If you are out on bail and fail to appear in court, the failure to appear cancels your bail and a warrant for your arrest will issue. If you appear in court and the attorney fails to appear, you should ask for a continuance based on absence of counsel.