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2016 U.S. Legal Forms, Inc.LOUISIANA ADOPTION BY ADOPTER OF ADOPTEE [Adult Adoption of Individual Over the Age of Seventeen] Control Number: LA737MI. NOTARIAL ADOPTION AND AFFIDAVIT OF DISTRICT
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Louisiana's adoption records are confidential and are sealed. ... If you were adopted and you are looking for your birth parents or if you are the birth parent of an adoptee and you are looking for your child, you should contact the Adoption Reunion Registry at (800) 259-2456.

Call the Louisiana Voluntary Registry at (225) 342-9922 or (800) 259-2456. Except as provided above, information contained in adoption records is NOT available upon verbal or written request, EVEN with a signed release or consent from one or all of the parties to the adoption.

Go to the county of the adoption and contact the county clerk to learn the rules about obtaining information for a closed adoption. You may need to be the adopted person or be of a certain age to access records. Ask for a petition form. Fill out the petition form and file it with the county court to review.

Louisiana Adoption - $325. Now you can complete your stepparent adoption in Louisiana without having to pay high attorney fees. We make it possible to file and your own adoption.

Step 1: Choose to pursue an infant adoption in Louisiana. ... Step 2: Choose an adoption agency to help you adopt a baby. ... Step 3: Begin the Louisiana baby adoption process. ... Step 4: Find babies available for adoption in Louisiana. ... Step 5: Finalize your child's adoption in Louisiana.