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Instruction: This is a model letter. Adapt to fit your facts and circumstances.DATE NAME COMPANY ADDRESS LINE C I T Y, S T A T E Z I P C O D E Re: Dearvs. In the Circuit Court ofCounty,:Enclosed herewith
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Here's the short answer: Only use "please find" if you have lost something and want your reader to find it. Like Sandra, I have seen the phrases "attached please find" and "enclosed please find" countless times in other people's writing.

Please find enclosed is usually part of a closing of a letter to signal to the reader that the letter contains an attachment. In addition to the letter there is any additional information inside ("enclosed").

Definition. please find (the documents) enclosed: (the documents) are inside the envelope sent. You will find enclosed two copies of my passport. enclosed: in the envelope sent. adverb.

Re: Difference between "enclosed" and "attached" enclosed means, inside an evelope, a body of text; e.g., Please find enclosed ... attached means, separate, joined/added to, outside the envelope, stapled or paperclipped to the main page; e.g., Please find attached ...

enclosure. An enclosure is something that closes you in, like a pen or a cage. ... If you're sending a letter to your literary agent and you're including a few pages of your latest limericks, you might put "enc." at the bottom of the letter, to indicate that you've included something extra in the envelope — an enclosure.

Please find attached is wordy jargon at its worst. It's also a bit redundant to say that something is attached and then direct the recipient to please find it. Another oddity with attached please find is that it's a command when it doesn't need to be.

Yes; “Please see attached document” is comprehensible, and people often write it as a stock phrase, without anyone raising an objection. Some people would argue that the correct form is “Please see the attached document.” What you have done is to ellipt (i.e. miss out) the determiner “the”.

And that means you might be using the common phrase “Please find attached.” Other variations include “Attached please find,” Please kindly find the attached file,” Please find the attached file for your reference,” “Enclosed please find,” and the ultra-wordy, “Please find attached herewith.”

When you would like a person to reference a document attached to the email, it would be appropriate to say "Please see the attached document." Documents are "attached" to emails, not "enclosed." You do not have to state the name of the document either, as it is assumed that the document attached is the one you are ...

See attached" is a standard phrase in business correspondence. It means "see the document that is attached or enclosed with this document." The alternatives are "see attachment," "see enclosed" and "see enclosure," but "see attached" is much more usual.