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Rule 6. No civil suit shall be commenced nor process issued or served on Sunday, except in cases of injunction, attachment, garnishment, sequestration, or distress proceedings, provided that citation by publication published on Sunday shall be valid.

In most states, you can serve anyone anywhere at anytime. In some states like Virginia, Florida and others, you cannot serve someone at their residence on Sundays, nor can you serve them when they are traveling to and from a court of law. Some states don't allow serves to occur on holidays.

All state court papers should be served in accordance with the law of the state having original jurisdiction (where the complaint is filed). Several states do not permit documents to be served on Sundays or Holidays, but some of these states will permit service under special circumstances pursuant to Court Order.

What Hours Can a Process Server Serve You? A process server can attempt to serve someone at any time of the day or night except on Sundays in Texas. He may ask the person being served to sign that he or she received the legal documents once served, but it isn't necessary.

As for attempting too late at night, most servers do not attempt after 9:00pm, but there is no law stating that they cannot. Process servers are very good at their job and know what it takes to get the job done without undue irritation.

Subpoenas cannot be served on Sundays or late at night/early in the morning, unless the person's schedule only allows for these times. In cases of delinquent tax, subpoenas must be served within 90 days from the date of issuance. No amount of advance notice must be given for subpoenas to appear in court.

You have a limited time to file your Answer. In most cases, counting from the day you were served, you have 20 days plus until the following Monday, at 10 a.m. to file your Answer.

In cases of delinquent tax, subpoenas must be served within 90 days from the date of issuance. No amount of advance notice must be given for subpoenas to appear in court.

A person can be served through certified mail in Texas. A process server's code of conduct says that he must treat everyone with respect. He must be candid and truthful. A process server will typically make his first attempt to serve the papers within 5 to 7 days after he was hired.

While turnaround times vary depending on the subject, each process server can offer a different level of service and speed. The average amount of time to attempt to serve papers is typically between five to seven days after hiring a process server.