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IN THE ___COURT OF ___COUNTY STATE OF ___ ___PLAINTIFFVS.CAUSE NO. ______DEFENDANTMOTION FOR A STAY PENDING APPEAL Comes now ___, Defendant in the abovecaptioned cause, and respectfully moves that
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Most disputes involving money can be filed in small claims court. Small claims court is often used to collect a bad debt. It's relatively simple to present evidence demonstrating that the debt was owed but not paid. Once a creditor receives the judgment, the creditor can use collection techniques to collect the debt.

Small claims courts are a specific kind of court that hears cases between two parties without the need for lengthy and expensive lawsuits. You can take a case to a small claims court without the expense of an attorney. But going to small claims court means you must file your case and defend it by yourself.

The dollar amount that you can sue for in small claims court varies depending where you live. ... If your dispute is for slightly more than the limit, it may still be worth it to file a small claims suit. You won't be able to sue for the full amount, but you'll avoid the expense of a regular lawsuit.

Although small claims courts can hear most types of civil cases, such as contract disputes and personal injury claims, most courts do not hear family law cases, such as those involving child support, or probate cases.

The plaintiff pays the filing fee, unless they're excused from doing so by virtue of being found in forma pauperis (indigent). The court will award the fees to one party or the other, usually the winner, after hearing the case.

Learn the Process in Your State. Learn About the Defendant. Keep Excellent Records. Be Prepared for the Counter-Argument. Bring Photos. Bring Witnesses. Most Important, Show up for the Trial. Follow up After You Get a Judgment.

Find the right small claims court. Go to the district court in the district where the other person lives or where the business you are suing does business. ... Get a Notice of Small Claim. ... Fill out the Notice of Small Claim. ... After filling out the Notice of Small Claim form:

After filling out the Notice of Small Claim form: Give the court clerk the original. Pay the clerk a small fee to file the claim (often $29). Sign the form in front of the clerk, if your county requires it. Either mail a copy of the Notice of Small Claim or have it delivered in person to Defendant.

Yes, you can sue in small claims court. However, even if you win in small claims court (can prove that she borrowed $500) that still does not force her to pay you. If she fails to pay the judgment, you would have to obtain a wage assignment...

How long does it take for a small claims court case to be resolved? From when you file with the clerk, it takes about sixty days until your court date. You'll know right away, since the date is on the paperwork. You can probably even ask the clerk to aim at a date that works better for you.