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VISITATION AGREEMENT (SOLE CUSTODY) In sole custody orders, the primary care, custody, and control of the minor children of the parties is granted to the custodial parent subject to reasonable visitation
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What exactly is an unfit parent? The legal definition of an unfit parent is when the parent through their conduct fails to provide proper guidance, care, or support. Also, if there is abuse, neglect, or substance abuse issues, that parent will be deemed unfit.

The parent has a diagnosable condition not likely to change within a reasonable time, including alcohol or drug addiction, mental illness, or extreme physical incapacity, and the condition make the parent unable or unlikely to provide minimally acceptable care for the child.

A parent may be deemed unfit if they have been abusive, neglected, or failed to provide proper care for the child. A parent with a mental disturbance or addiction to drugs or alcohol may also be found to be an unfit parent. ... The best interest of the child is the determining factor.

The term "unfit mother" arises out of the now-outdated child custody doctrine that custody of children should be awarded to the mother unless the mother was "unfit." Today, courts strive to settle on a custody arrangement that is in the best interests of the child, without bias in favor of the mother or father.

Gather evidence proving that the parent is unfit. Evidence admissible in court includes photographs, video and audio files of physical or verbal abuse, medical files documenting injuries, the parent's criminal record and direct correspondence between the petitioner and the other parent.

What is the definition of an unfit parent? While there is no specific definition under Arkansas law, an unfit parent is one who has failed to have regular contact with a children for a prolonged time without justifiable cause or has failed to contribute to their support for a prolonged time without justifiable cause.

In marriage, parents in South Carolina have equal power, rights, and duties regarding their children. However, under South Carolina child custody law, divorce can drastically change that. In addition, if the parents were never married, then custody is solely with the mother unless the father goes to court.

Establishing Paternity It gives you legal rights with the child and lets you pursue visitation or custody. If you have a child with a woman who was not your wife when the child was born, then under the law the child does not have a legal father. The mother has sole custody of the child.

In South Carolina, the court may award sole or shared custody. When a parent has sole custody, the child primarily lives with one parent while the other parent may have visitation rights. The parents may share legal custody, meaning both parents make decisions on behalf of the child.

If the Child is between the Ages of 12 and 14 If a child is able to voice their opinions, then they can state which parent they choose to reside with.