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Eviction Notice To:___ (Name of Tenant) ___ ___ (Address of Tenant)We are terminating your tenancy and shall evict you from the following property: ___ (address of premises). Our reasons for evicting
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Here is an overview of what is not acceptable behavior and what could be considered harassment: Taking away services provided in the lease (such as parking or laundry) Shutting of utilities for the purpose of harassment or eviction. Entering an apartment without proper notice. Changing the locks while a tenant is away.

If a landlord does illegally evict a tenant, the tenant may sue the landlord for trespass, wrongful eviction, assault, battery, slander, libel and the intentional infliction of emotional distress. ... Instead, a court may view the landlord's unlawful actions as landlord harassment.

What is landlord harassment? Landlord harassment is when a landlord or property manager willingly creates a situation where a tenant feels uncomfortable, so uncomfortable that they wish to move or terminate a lease agreement.

Civ. Code § 1940.2. Landlords who are found to have harassed their tenants are liable for punitive damages of up to $2,000.00 for each violation of the law.

You can use illegal eviction as a defense or counter-suit to the eviction lawsuit being considered by your landlord. You can also sue for illegal eviction on your own in civil court or small claims court by filing a complaint that states exactly what your landlord did that was illegal, and how it caused you damage.

Under California Civil Code Section 789.3, you can sue the landlord for up to $100 per day, but not less than $250, plus actual damages and attorneys fees. You can hire a lawyer to bring suit or file suit in Small Claims Court.

10 Examples of Tenant Harassing Landlord: Tenant refuses to pay rent citing repair issues. The landlord constantly receives noise complaints about the tenant. The tenant sends threatening emails or texts to the landlord.

It is illegal in almost every state for a landlord to retaliate against a tenant for exerting their legal rights. Under most landlord retaliation statutes, a landlord can't evict, harass or raise the rent of a tenant for actions such as complaining to a government agency or requesting legally-mandated repairs.

2018), the court held that a landlord is not liable for damages to a tenant when that tenant is the victim of harassing conduct by another tenant. ... Her lease with the victim tenant may, in other words, have an implied duty to exercise the right to evict that is based on the lease with the harassing tenant.

A landlord cannot change the lock on a tenant, even if a tenant is behind in rent. The landlord has to go through the eviction process legally. If you are locked out, you can call the police and file a lawsuit. ... Some landlords may exercise this illegal procedure to try and 'force' the tenant to move out.