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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF___ COUNTY, ___ NAME OF PLAINTIFF V. NAME OF DEFENDANT) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )NO.COMPLAINT Comes now, ___ Plaintiff, and files this complaint against ___ and for cause would show as
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Florida law allows for a legal action know as an Ejectment to remove a non-rent paying person living in your home, who has not signed a lease and has no title or interest in the property. ... An ejectment is a lawsuit filed to which the defendant(s) has/have 20 days to file a answer just as in most normal lawsuits.

Ejectment is a statutory cause of action and can be found in Chapter 66, Florida Statutes. The process by which an action in ejectment follows is the filing of a complaint in ejectment to which the defendant has 20 days to file an answer.

Ejectment is a legal remedy to resolve conflicts between a landlord and tenant that can sometimes be used to remove a person from wrongfully occupying real estate. ... Almost no courts allow going into an invalid occupier's place of residence without some form of proper legal notice and/or court approval.

How Long Does it Take to Process an Ejectment? In Philadelphia, PA an ejectment is a legal process to remove a squatter from property. The time frame is four months to one year depending on resistance. For example, if the squatter is well represented or has a legal defense the ejectment may take longer.

The difference between the ejectment and the forcible entry/unlawful detainer is that an ejectment action is predicated on some right, title, or interest in the property. In a forcible entry or unlawful detainer action, the person residing on the premises solely has possession.

Ejectment. ... Ejectment is a common law term for civil action to recover the possession of or title to land. It replaced the old real actions and the various possessory assizes (denoting county-based pleas to local sittings of the courts) where boundary disputes often featured.

The process can take anywhere from three months to a year, depending on the oppositions level of representation. If the ejectment is unopposed ninety days is a realistic time frame. However, if the ejectment is a contest, it may take a full year to secure your property.

The eviction process is used when a landlord wants to force a tenant to leave the property. ... In an unlawful detainer case, the person being asked to leave the property has no rights to the property. In an ejectment case, the person being asked to leave claims to have some rights to the property.

Re: Can ejectment be an equitable remedy? Technically the answer is "no." Ejectment is a specific remedy at law, only available after a merits trial, where the sheriff is ordered to forcibly remove the defendant's possessions from the plaintiff's real property.

Summary ejectment" is the name of the court action which a landlord must use to evict you. ... The summons gives the date and time of the hearing, and the complaint gives the reason the landlord claims that you must be evicted (for example, non-payment of rent.)