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The Florida enhanced life estate deed allows the estate holder to convey or mortgage the property without approval of the remainderman. This gives the property owner of the life estate flexibility during the owner's life.

A Florida lady bird deed form is a relatively new type of deed designed for a specific purpose: It allows Florida property owners to transfer property to others upon death without sacrificing control over the property during life.

Creating a lady bird deed is very inexpensive. In fact, the approximate “do it yourself” cost is only $30. Professional assistance is also very affordable, and on average, costs between $200 and $400. This includes drafting the deed and filing it with the local register of deeds.

The primary purpose of a Lady Bird deed and a traditional life estate deed is to avoid having the property go through probate upon the death of the grantor. Additional benefits of a Lady Bird deed include: Being able to sell or mortgage the property, or outright cancel the deed.

The short answer is "Yes." I shall presume that the ladybird deeds you are referring to name your trust as the remainderman upon your death. The danger of not recording the deeds now is that they could get lost.

An enhanced life estate deed is a special type of deed recognized by common law in five states: Florida, Michigan, Texas, Vermont, and West Virginia. Also sometimes called "Lady Bird" deeds, they can be used to transfer ownership of real estate outside of probate to beneficiaries named in the deed.

A life estate is a legal interest in real property that lasts during the life of the person with interest or another life in being. A life estate is not outright ownership in the property, only the use of the property for a specified life in being.

Also known as a Beneficiary Deed or Transfer on Death (TOD) Deed, a Life Estate Deed allows for the automatic transfer of your property to one or more persons, called remaindermen, upon your death.

In common law and statutory law, a life estate (or life tenancy) is the ownership of land for the duration of a person's life. In legal terms, it is an estate in real property that ends at death when ownership of the property may revert to the original owner, or it may pass to another person.

A person owns property in a life estate only throughout their lifetime. Beneficiaries cannot sell property in a life estate before the beneficiary's death. One benefit of a life estate is that property can pass when the life tenant dies without being part of the tenant's estate.