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CERTIFICATE OF TRUST UPON OATH, IT IS HEREBY CERTIFIED that: Name: ___ Social Security Number: ___ Name: ___ Social Security Number: ___ is/are entitled to the use and occupancy as to an equitable
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Meaning. BCPA. Board Certified Patient Advocate (Patient Advocate Certification Board Organization) BCPA. Broward County Property Appraiser (Florida)

homestead exemption - freedom of part or all of the value of a homestead from property taxation; a reduction in the property tax base; abbreviated as "H/E" or sometimes "H/S"; SEE Homestead Exemption.

Property records are legal documents and papers that contain vital information about a property or plot of land. Usually, the term “property records” refers to the deed to the land, which indicates who has legal ownership of the property. This is usually through the recorder of deeds or county records department.

If you want to see your property's assessed value but cannot find the most recent property tax bill, you can go online to your county assessor's or tax collector's website to get the data. You can also go to the county tax collector's or assessor's office to obtain the information.

Contact the county tax assessor. If there's a piece of property, someone is paying tax on it – or not. ... Call 411 directory assistance. ... Consult other public records such as property deeds. ... Use an online property search tool.

In Rem. [Latin, In the thing itself.] A lawsuit against an item of property, not against a person (in personam). An action in rem is a proceeding that takes no notice of the owner of the property but determines rights in the property that are conclusive against all the world.

SOH is an assessment limitation, or “cap”, on increases in the assessed value of a homestead residence. Those increases are limited to 3% or the percent change in the CPI (Consumer Price Index), whichever is less. The “cap” goes into effect beginning the year after a homestead exemption is granted.

Florida's Save Our Homes (SOH) provision allows you to transfer all or a significant portion of your tax benefit, up to $500,000, from a Florida home with a homestead exemption to a new home within the state of Florida that qualifies for a homestead exemption. This is referred to as “portability.”

Portability: A provision of the 1992 Save Our Homes (SOH) Amendment to the Florida Constitution, effective January 1, 2008, allows homestead property owners to port, or transfer, the accumulated difference between assessed value and the just/market value.

Save Our Homes. Amendment 10 is a benefit of the homestead exemption that provides homeowners protection by limiting the maximum that the assessed value of their home for tax purposes can be raised to 3%, or the CPI whichever is lower (with some exceptions).