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IN THE ___ COURT OF___ COUNTY, ___NAME OF PLAINTIFFV.NAME OF DEFENDANT) ) ) ) ) ) ) )NO.MOTION TO CHANGE JURISDICTION/VENUE COMES NOW the Defendant/Counter Plaintiff, ___, in the above entitled and numbered
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Disobeying a subpoena and not attending court for a deposition could lead to certain sanctions against the individual such as contempt of court. This may even cause the person to be fined or end up in jail for a number of days. ... being served with a subpoena, many persons may be upset at the incident.

If you refuse to answer questions or if you just don't show up, you potentially subject yourself to contempt of court or other sanctions. ... If you do choose not to answer a question, you may be required to file a motion to quash with the court within 5 days after the deposition.

Why Depositions are Necessary Depositions are an integral part of the discovery process of a lawsuit. Both sides to the case are legally bound to share the information they possess. ... Before you give your deposition, you must be sworn in. Even if you have been deposed, you may still be called to testify in court.

Usually, the deposition will be rescheduled unless it has happened before. If it happens several times, the court can provide a remedy such as precluding the defendant from being able to testify at trial as to liability, up to and including striking...

A deponent who, without justification, refuses a deposition when requested via subpoena may be ordered to pay expenses caused by the failure, including attorney's fees for the side that requested the deposition. ... Other penalties may also exist, so talk to your attorney before you decide to refuse a deposition.

If you do not want it recorded, do not say it. Everything is being recorded by a court reporter at a deposition, and only your words are taken down unless it is a video deposition. So you cannot nod your head in agreement or gesture for emphasis because it cannot be recorded. Use your words wisely!

While you may be required to attend a deposition, there are also limitations on where they can occur. Under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure deponents must be given appropriate notice of the time and place of a deposition. These typically take place at an attorney's office rather than the courthouse.

In some cases, however, the potentially liable defendant may attempt to avoid civil liability by remaining unresponsive to your legal complaint against them, or by failing to appear for a court hearing. ... As the defendant has not responded to the complaint or summons, they cannot dispute your arguments.

If the claimant believes the defendant has no real defence to the claim and there is no real prospect in succeeding to defend their case, the claimant could apply for a summary judgment. The defendant can also apply for a summary judgment against the claimant if they believe the claimant has no case.

If you don't file a response 30 days after you were served, the Plaintiff can file a form called “Request for Default”. ... The Plaintiff will win the case. Then, the Plaintiff can enforce the judgment against you. This can mean getting money from you by garnishing your paycheck or putting a lien on your house or car.