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WAIVER AND RELEASE FROM LIABILITY FOR USE OF HUNTING LANDI, ___, HEREBY WAIVE AND RELEASE, indemnify, hold harmless and forever discharge ___ and its agents, employees, officers, directors, affiliates, successors
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This form of a Release Agreement, Indemnity Agreement and Hold Harmless Agreement releases a party from certain specified liabilities. Releases are used to transfer risk from one party to another and protect against the released party or reimburse the released party for damage, injury, or loss.

A release extinguishes any actual or potential claims the releasor may have against the releasee without regard to third parties. In contrast, an agreement to indemnify does not apply to claims between the parties to the agreement. ... Typical indemnity language is “indemnify, save, protect, save/hold harmless.”

An indemnity provision does not prevent a claim by the other contracting party. A release, on the other hand, is an agreement that one party to the con- struction contract will not sue the other party to the construction contract.

The word indemnity means security or protection against a financial liability. It typically occurs in the form of a contractual agreement made between parties in which one party agrees to pay for losses or damages suffered by the other party.

Definition: Release of All Claims A release of all claims form releases the responsible party (the other driver who was at fault and his or her insurance company) from any liability and obligation to pay you for the damages associated with the accident.

However, if you are seeking such an indemnity, be aware that it may not necessarily be enforceable. ... By extension, this would prevent a party from enforcing an indemnity for the penalties it has to pay as a result of that act. Thus, an indemnity against criminal liability is generally unenforceable.

Indemnity is considered to be a contractual agreement between two parties whereby one party agrees to pay for potential losses or damages caused by another party. ... With indemnity, the insurer indemnifies the policyholder—that is, promises to make whole the individual or business for any covered loss.

An indemnity agreement (sometimes called a "hold harmless agreement" can be a contract or a section of a contract. In these cases, an indemnity agreement is contract language that indemnifies (holds harmless) one of the parties in a contract for specific actions that might cause damage to the other party.

An indemnity agreement is a contract that 'holds a business or company harmless' for any burden, loss, or damage. An indemnity agreement also ensures proper compensation is available for such loss or damage.

With a real estate indemnity agreement, one party is pledging to protect another from any kind of financial loss or from a lawsuit of some kind. We often hear about an indemnity agreement when we are filling out our car insurance forms, but this type of agreement is commonplace in most other forms of law.