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NOTICE OF INTENT TO FILE LIENCorporation or LLC (Colorado Revised Statute 3822109(3))Notice is hereby given that, ___, as ___ of ___, a ___ registered business entity, whose address is ___, ___, Colorado,
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The two methods used to change your registered agent in Colorado are with the Statement of Change Changing Registered Agent Information or with the Periodic Report, if you are within your periodic reporting period. It must be accomplished online at the Colorado Secretary of State's Website, business homepage.

Changing the Registered Agent or Office. To change the registered agent or registered office, you must file paperwork with the secretary of state and pay the appropriate filing fee. It is very important to notify the secretary of state when a registered agent or registered office changes.

On average, a general Certificate of Change of Agent costs about $50. However, you can request expedited service, depending on your situation. The price quickly scales from $100 to $2,000 depending on how fast you need it done. In some states, you can complete it within an hour.

Common questions about filing a Change of Registered Agent The filing time is dependent on the governing state agency and varies by state. In general, non-expedited filings takes about two to three weeks.

To cancel the automatic renewal of your RA Service, you must notify LegalZoom of your intent to cancel by calling our Customer Care Center at (800) 773-0888 or by cancelling online through the “My Account” portal.

In most cases, any resident of the state you do business in can be a registered agent – they just can't list a P.O Box as their address. ... However, your company's accountant, lawyer, or any of its corporate officers can also act as the registered agent for your business.

The registered agent must consent (agree) to be the registered agent, An entity may serve as its own agent, The Secretary of State cannot be appointed as a registered agent, and. You may appoint only one individual or business entity to act as a registered agent for your entity.

If you are in search of finding a registered agent, you'll easily find one by searching for the business on the secretary of state corporations division in the state you're looking. Every entity registered is required to have a registered agent so finding a registered agent for the entity will be easy.

A registered agent is a responsible third-party in the same state as the business, who can receive service of process notices, correspondence from the Secretary of State, and other official government notifications—usually tax forms and notice of lawsuits—on behalf of the corporation or LLC.

A registered agent is simply a person or entity appointed to accept service of process and official mail on your business' behalf. You can appoint yourself, or in many states, you can appoint your business to be its own registered agent.