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Residential Room Lease Agreement Lease Agreement made on theday of, 20, betweenof,(Name of Tenant)(Street Address, City, County, State, Zip Code)referred to herein as Tenant, and, of (Name of Owner),
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Tenant's Name. Tenant's Address, Including Unit Number. Date of Move-In. Date of Move-Out (When Occurs). Date of Move-In Inspection. Date of Move-Out Inspection. Tenant Signature. Landlord Signature.

Tenant's name & address. Move-in date. Date of move-in inspection. Move-out date. Date of move-out inspection. Tenant signature. Landlord name & address. Landlord contact information.

Start early. ... First impressions count. ... Smell all the smells. ... Clutter. ... Accept responsibility. ... Treat the house as you would your own. ... Pets. ... Clean as per your rental cleaning outline.

Door locks, latches and intercom —Lock and latches need to work smoothly with and without the key. ... Ceilings—Check every ceiling for water spots, particularly in bathrooms. ... Closet doors and patio door sliders—They need to work smoothly and glide easily.

For a basic inspection, landlords need to check under sinks, check the smoke detectors, replace furnace filters, look for obvious signs of damage and verify that the unit is being used appropriately.

A routine inspection involves a landlord, maintenance worker, or property manager coming to your apartment and walking through it. They usually look for, and take notes on, any damages to the unit, changes made to the interior, or alterations to the outside of the property.

A move out inspection occurs when a landlord and a tenant walk through the rental unit to look for any damage or illegal alterations to the unit. The landlord is looking for any damage in excess of normal wear and tear or any changes to the unit that have not been mutually agreed upon, such as changing the paint color.

Check the oven. Are the burners and interior clean? Does it turn on? Open the fridge and freezer. Make sure they're both cold. ... Take a look in the dishwasher. Is the interior clean? ... If applicable, check the garbage disposal to ensure it runs. Does the kitchen sink drain properly?

The day you move out, your landlord might do a walk-through with you. But your landlord doesn't have to do that. They might prefer to conduct the inspection after you leave. Some landlords feel stressed or rushed to conduct a proper walk-through with a tenant following them around.

Who should be present at move-out? In some cases, a tenant may move without ever coming back for the final move-out inspection, but that's not ideal. The tenant and landlord should both be present if possible and go through a move-in/move-out checklist together.