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How can I create a Logging Arbitration Agreement to sell online?

You can create a Logging Arbitration Agreement by uploading your form to SellMyforms and then editing it using the PDF editor.

Does your editor support e-signature?

Yes, our PDF editor offers a legally binding e-signature so that you can sign a document yourself or collect signatures from other people.

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SellMyForms doesn’t offer copyright licenses, but you can put a watermark on your form using our PDF editor.

Can my employer make me sign an arbitration agreement?

Many employers ask new hires to sign an arbitration agreement: a contract in which the employee agrees to bring any legal disputes with the employer to arbitration, rather than to court. And, employers almost certainly have the right to fire, or refuse to hire, an employee who won't sign.

Is it OK to sign an arbitration agreement?

When you sign a binding arbitration agreement, you are giving up your right to go to court. If you have claims against your employer that are covered by the agreement, you must take them to arbitration instead. It is legal for your employer to rescind a job offer if you refuse to sign an arbitration agreement.

What does an arbitration agreement mean?

An arbitration agreement is a written contract in which two or more parties agree to settle a dispute outside of court. The arbitration agreement is ordinarily a clause in a larger contract.

Can I be fired for not signing an arbitration agreement?

If your employer asks you to sign an arbitration agreement, you can refuse, but that may put your job in jeopardy. Usually, an employer can rescind an employment offer if a prospective employee refuses to sign the arbitration agreement. And an employer can fire an at-will employee who refuses to sign one.

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