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Do I need mine subsidence insurance?

Is Mine Subsidence Required for At-Risk Homeowners? In some states, residents of at-risk counties are required have mine subsidence insurance. In most states that offer this coverage, policies are optional.

What is mine subsidence insurance coverage?

If the mine sinks, shifts, or collapses and damages the insured property, such damage is excluded by the "earth movement exclusion." A few states have mandated that insurers make coverage for mine subsidence available to property owners who live in such areas.

How do I know if I have mine subsidence?

  1. Popping, creaking and cracking resounding from the inside components of your house.
  2. The appearance of cracks in your foundation or exterior walls.
  3. Shifting and tilting – doors may begin to swing open or shut on their own.
  4. Windows and doors beginning to stick or jam.

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