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The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 USD.

What is a secondment agreement?

A secondment arrangement involves an employee being temporarily assigned to another part of their own organisation, a different employer within the same group or, in some cases, a different employer altogether (such as a client or business partner).

How does a secondment work?

A secondment is the opportunity to work temporarily in a different firm or department to the one you are already working in. In an internal secondment, the employee moves to a different part of the same organisation. Secondments help employees develop their skills, broaden their horizons and improve their CV.

How long should a secondment last?

Secondments may be full or part time. Secondments should normally be for a period of two years or less. If the secondment is to be for a period of longer than 23 months, then the arrangement must be considered under the Fixed Term Work (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2002.

Are Secondees employees?

A secondment takes place when an employee (or group of employees) is temporarily assigned to work for another organisation or a different part of their employer. Possible reasons include: . so as to preserve specific benefits of the original employer, for example a pension or share option scheme.

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