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How can I create a Mining Split Dollar Agreement to sell online?

You can create a Mining Split Dollar Agreement by uploading your form to SellMyforms and then editing it using the PDF editor.

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SellMyForms doesn’t offer any online library of forms.

What is a split dollar agreement?

In a split-dollar plan, an employer and employee execute a written agreement that outlines how they will share the premium cost, cash value, and death benefit of a permanent life insurance policy. Generally, the owner of the policy, with some exceptions, is also the owner for tax purposes.

How do split dollar life insurance policies work?

In a typical split-dollar agreement, the employer pays all or most of the policy premiums in exchange for an interest in the policy cash value and death benefit. In the past, the IRS took the position that the insured employee must recognize the “term cost” of the life insurance protection as income.

Is a split dollar plan a qualified plan?

Split-Dollar Plan: Another Non-Qualified Plan A split-dollar plan is used when an employer wants to provide a key employee with a permanent life insurance policy. Under this arrangement, an employer purchases a policy on the employee's life, and the employer and the employee divide ownership of the policy.

What is a split dollar collateral assignment?

Under a collateral assignment split dollar arrangement, the business loans a key employee money to pay the premium on a life insurance policy. He or she owns the policy and has the ability to name the beneficiary, and is taxed on the interest-free element of the loan.

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