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SellMyForms supports PDF format.

What is trademark assignment?

Assignment of a trademark occurs when the ownership of such mark as such, is transferred from one party to another whether along with or without the goodwill of the business. In case of a registered Trademark, such assignment is required to be recorded in the Register of trade marks.

Does a trademark assignment need to be notarized?

Typically only the party assigning the intellectual property must sign the assignment, and while notarization is strongly preferred it is not strictly required. Once as assignment has been executed, it should be recorded.

How do I transfer trademark ownership in India?

Transfer of trademark is also known as Assignment of a Trademarks, it is a process in which the owner of the trademark transfers the ownership of the mark either with or without the goodwill of the business. Some trademark owners transfer their ownership of a mark to another entity, which is called an assignment.

Does a patent assignment need to be witnessed?

Most patents are transferred as-is, but some patent assignment agreements have warranties and indemnities to protect the parties involved. Notarization. For a patent assignment agreement to be valid in the U.S., it must be notarized—or at least signed in front of two witnesses.

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