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How do I file a mining claim on BLM land?

Determine if there are active claims in the area of interest using LR2000. Procure copies of location notices for active claims in your area of interest. Plot locations of active claims on a map and determine available areas. Obtain the proper mining form. File your mining claim.

Can you patent a mining claim?

A patented mining claim is one for which the Federal Government has passed its title to the claimant, giving him or her exclusive title to the locatable minerals and, in most cases, the surface and all resources. ... Until the moratorium is lifted or otherwise expires, the BLM will not accept any new patent applications.

How do I get a mining claim?

Attend the Mine Safety Course. Decide on the type of mineral claim you need. Choose a suitable area that is available for application. Mark out the area required and prepare a plan of the area. Serve notice on all affected landholders. Mine operator who has completed the course.

How long do mining claims last?

Each State has its own requirement for when a location notice must be filed and recorded. The maximum period is 90 days from the staking of your claim or site on the ground. However, some States require earlier filings, such as 60 or 30 days from the date of location.

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