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What is Overlift and Underlift?

Valuation of Overlift and Underlift for Crude Oil. The value of any Overlift/Underlift of a Field shall be taken to be the average price per barrel achieved from sales in the month prior to the Economic Date.

What is TSA in oil trading?

A transitional service agreement (TSA) is made between a buyer and seller and contemplates having the seller provide infrastructure support such as accounting, IT, and HR after the transaction closes.

What is an oil derivative?

An energy derivative is a derivative contract based on (derived from) an underlying energy asset, such as natural gas, crude oil, or electricity. Major players in the energy derivative markets include major trading houses, oil companies, utilities, and financial institutions.

What is oil and gas accounting?

Oil and gas operations have some of the most unique accounting issues found in any industry. Oil & Gas Accounting delves into acquisition, exploration, development, and production activities, covering many industry-specific accounting issues.

Did you know

Olive oil extraction is the process of extracting the oil present in the olive drupes for food use. The oil is produced in the mesocarp cells, and stored in a particular type of vacuole called a lipo vacuole, i.e. , every cell contains a tiny olive oil droplet. Olive oil extraction is the process of separating the oil from the other fruit contents (vegetative extract liquid and solid material). It is possible to attain this separation by physical means alone, i.e.
Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth, from an ore body, vein or seam. This term also includes the removal of soil. Materials recovered by mining include base metals, precious metals, iron, uranium, coal, diamonds, limestone, oil shale, rock salt and potash. Mining is required to obtain any material that cannot be grown through agricultural processes, or created artificially in a laboratory or factory.
In business, economics or investment, market liquidity is an asset's ability to be sold without causing a significant movement in the price and with minimum loss of value. Money, or cash, is the most liquid asset, and can be used immediately to perform economic actions like buying, selling, or paying debt, meeting immediate wants and needs. However, currencies, even major currencies, can suffer loss of market liquidity in large liquidation events.

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