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How do I write a contract to sell my house?

List the names of the buyer and seller. Contain the description of the property -- Usually, this involves both the address of the property and its legal description. Include the purchase price for the property. Be signed by all the necessary parties to the sale.

How do I fill out a purchase agreement for sale by owner?

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Can you sell a house under contract?

Generally, a seller can't change their mind about selling when a house is under contract. The contract is a legally binding agreement, and both parties must perform their contractual obligations or risk a lawsuit for breaching the contract.

What does enforceable mean in real estate?

Real estate and other contracts that fall under the statute must be in writing and they must be signed to be enforceable. Therefore, a verbal agreement to buy or sell real estate is unenforceable unless there's a written and signed contract to back it up.

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