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How do you calculate days in a real estate contract?

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What is the effective date of a real estate contract in Florida?

Under Paragraph 3(b) of both contracts, Effective Date is defined as follows: \u201cThe effective date of this Contract shall be the date when the last one of the Buyer and Seller has signed or initialed and delivered this offer or final counter-offer.\u201d

Do weekends count in real estate?

Unless the parties agree to the contrary in writing, all real estate contracts using NWMLS forms will automatically count the number of days according to the following computation of time summary: ... All periods must end on a Business Day - except that "possession" can be on a weekend. All periods end at 9pm local time.

How are escrow days counted?

Everyday must be counted regardless if it's a weekday, weekend, or holiday. There are two exceptions here. The escrow deposit is the first exception and allows for three \u201cbusiness\u201d days. The second exception is when the last day falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday.

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