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How do you compliment a real estate agent?

Compliment the Realtor® as Part of Your Greeting \u201cHello John and Mary \u2013 great to meet you! First let me compliment you on choosing to work with Ed. I am sure you have already discovered he is a true professional. I personally love working with Ed and I am sure you will, too.\u201d

How do I write a review about a real estate agent?

Find the property you bought or sold in the Sold section of Click Profile on the agent you wish to review. Click the Leave review button. Select whether the agent helped with selling or buying. Search the property in the Which property?

How do I give feedback after viewing a house?

After every viewing on your property make sure your estate agent obtains immediate feedback from the viewer. Tell your agent that you want this feedback 'warts and all' so that you can take action to address any issues and as a result sell your property.

What do you write in a feedback form?

Don't make any fields required. Make it as easy as possible for users to provide feedback, no matter how short. ... Always allow for open-ended feedback. ... Avoid asking \u201cHow did you hear about us?\u201d ... Poise questions to account for all possible responses.

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