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What is confidentiality in real estate?

Confidentiality. An agent is obligated to safeguard his principal's confidence and secrets. A real estate broker, therefore, must keep confidential any information that might weaken his principal's bargaining position if it were revealed.

Are real estate contracts confidential?

For potential buyers and sellers of real estate, one way to help do this is with a well-crafted, written confidentiality agreement which prohibits the restricted party or parties from disclosing information regarding a pending transaction during negotiations and before there is a binding agreement.

What does NDA stand for in real estate?

Wyoming California Create Document. The commercial real estate non-disclosure agreement allows a landlord or real estate agent to disclose financial or confidential information to a prospective buyer or tenant (the \u201cinterested party\u201d) in an effort to sell or lease the property.

What are disclosure papers real estate?

Property disclosure statements essentially outline any flaws that the home sellers (and their real estate agents) are aware of that could negatively affect the home's value. These statements are required by law in most areas of the country so buyers can know a property's good and bad points before they close the deal.

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