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What is a real estate market report?

Real Estate Market Reports. The Zillow Real Estate Market Reports are a monthly overview of the national and local real estate markets. The reports are compiled by Zillow Real Estate Research and are released on a monthly basis 2-3 weeks after the close of the period.

How do you make a market report?

Your report should include such items as definition of the market size, competitors and their marketing size, as well as estimates of market share. You can use the market report to make changes to your marketing process.

How do you assess the real estate market?

Observe the Pricing Trends. ... Identify the Catalysts. ... Assess the Sales and Purchase. ... Find Out the Types of Property Available in Your Market. ... Compare With Suburbs and Vicinities.

Where can I get a comparative market analysis?

How to do your own comparative market analysis. While your real estate agent can do a CMA for you, you might want to do your own analysis. You can find comps by searching for recent home sales in your area on listing sites such as

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