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How do you write a trust agreement?

Make a list of all your assets. Be sure to include make a list of your assets that includes everything you own. ... Find the paperwork for your assets. ... Choose beneficiaries. ... Choose a successor trustee. ... Choose a guardian for your minor children.

How do I set up a personal property trust?

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What is the purpose of a trust agreement?

A trust agreement is a document that spells out the rules that you want followed for property held in trust for your beneficiaries. Common objectives for trusts are to reduce the estate tax liability, to protect property in your estate, and to avoid probate.

What is an example of a trust?

Trust is confidence in the honesty or integrity of a person or thing. An example of trust is the belief that someone is being truthful. An example of trust is the hope a parent has when they let their teenager borrow a car.

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