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How do you politely decline real estate offer?

Promptly call, write or send a text message to the agent thanking him or her for the offer. Politely and graciously explain that the homesellers have accepted an offer that they like better. ... Do not explain the market.

How do you write a nice rejection letter?

Keep it timely. Send the rejection letter within a reasonable amount of time after you have determined the candidate will not be hired. ... Be direct, but gracious. ... Remain neutral. ... Personalize it. ... Leave the door open. ... Wish them well.

How do you politely decline a quote?

If you feel compelled to say something, I would simply write: "Thank you for your time, we have chosen to go with a different company." I think it is polite to advise the un-successful quotes that they have missed out. \u201cThank you for your quote, and we have decided to decline.

How do you politely decline a counter offer?

Reject the Offer Politely. If you are rejecting a counteroffer, do it politely. There is no need to burn bridges just because you are leaving the organisation. Remember that you may need references from this organisation in the future, or you may end up working with your manager again in the future.

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