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What is a spousal waiver form?

ANNUITY SPOUSAL WAIVER OF DEATH BENEFIT CONSENT FORM. You indicated on your annuity application that you are currently married; however, the primary beneficiary on the application form was not your spouse.

What is a waiver of marital rights?

Waiver Or Release Of Right. ... Unless there are statutory provisions to the contrary, a husband or wife can waive, release, or be estopped (prevented) from asserting rights of inheritance in the estate of the other by certain acts or conduct on his or her part during marriage.

Does my spouse have to sign at closing?

Under various statutes or legal doctrines, some states extend property rights to spouses even if they aren't on the deed, also referred to as non-titled. If you live in one of these places, your lender or buyer will require that your non-titled spouse sign legal documents to complete the real estate transaction.

Is PA a spousal state?

FindLaw explains that while Pennsylvania is not a community property state, whatever property you and your spouse acquired during your marriage, including all money earned by each of you, is considered to be marital property.

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